Saturday, January 26, 2008

Virtual offices

Mother Jones published an article yesterday about professionals who have the option to work out of their homes, but choose instead to rent space in an office. They find that there is a great sense of synergy. This lack of uptake on virtual offices, and cyber commuting is very much tied to the lack of uptake of virtual schooling. As a representative of member of the NESA Virtual School consortium, it's always been incredibly productive to sit and meet as a group. Some of this is freeing ourselves up from the daily grind, and some of it is the side conversations that occur about what technologies we are adopting and how we are implementing them. We always have a common set of questions and queries, and benefit greatly from the wisdom and experience of the group. I've always felt that it was somewhat ironic that a group of cyber-savvy educators discussing a virtual schooling project need to meet in face to face mode. This article helps explain a little bit about why.

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