Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Future of RSS

  JamesLedbetter has a great article in the Big Money about the future of RSS feeds. Basically he's arguing RSS is a hard thing to make money of of, in that publishers like only to publish headlines to drive traffic to their sites, but bloggers like the full articles to appear in their RSS readers, so they can blog about it, which in turn drives traffic to the  original site.  The Big Money's experience suggests that the latter is the case.  He also points out that Really Simple Syndication is not really that simple and enjoys only about a 10% uptake.  I like my netvibes page and the availability of seeing the headlines from about 50 different sites all at once.  RSS was also invaluable in setting up the NESA Virtual Science Fair in that each course had a help button. The RSS reader allowed me to monitor all 500 teams for signs of trouble.

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